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China booming in Solar Panels installation

March 13 2017 , Written by Ellis Gama

The boom of using the Sun as a source of energy has increased dramatically in China and the United States.  The abundance of solar panels being installed worldwide has soared very high and particular in those two countries by up to 50% from the year before.  Finally governments of leading GDP countries are realizing the strong benefits of solar!

At the global level, 50 GW of capacity for solar energy was capable in 2010, but today this has reached to 305 GW of capacity.  Many experts are agreed upon that this is a very good significant growth as every country is trying to meet the commitment of decreasing pollution.  The same experts in the solar industry think that this can even go faster and is probably necessary for it to become the norm.

The only slowdown in the world is in the UK but that is only because there were cuts to incentives for household owners in favour for larger solar farms.  In spite of all that, the UK is a leader for solar growth and is followed by Germany, then France.  In all of Europe, the amount has reached the goal of 100 GW back in 2016.  Still on the world wide scale, China installed half of the world’s solar panels and is estimated to be close to two thirds of all Asia’s solar capacity.

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Solar power is in FACT very Beneficial

November 15 2016 , Written by Ellis Gama

Solar power is in FACT very Beneficial

The fact that every living thing relies on the sunlight for different purposes. It is one of the most crucial element on the planet is without it we would not be here today. It is vital to discover, exactly what is solar power? 

Basically it’s power that is absorbed and attracted from the sunlight into panels then in turn stored in the battery. For several years solar power is the leading news in the renewable energy sector because of its decline in price and it’s efficiency providing in renewable power.  Many global nations are utilizing solar farms in order to help with their energy needs of the people.

You could minimize your power consumption by installing solar panels. It is an extremely handy resource whereby you could also sell it to the grid.

Going solar will also help reduce the greenhouse gases. Producing more solar forms could elevate solar services however several concerns are that space is needed.  But to think that if every building and house have solar panels on top of their roofs would benefit everybody and the planet.  Solar power is the most efficient and also the effective procedure via which several individuals could make use of the power

There are various benefits of solar power as listed below:

•    It is an infinite source because the sun will be there for a couple more billion years.
•    It is a less costly type compared to other traditional electrical energy.
•    Improving the procedure in creating this modern technology could lower the expense even further.
•    It is the far better kind of power that other standard type.
•    It allows you to prepare to go off the grid
•    Pretty soon solar batteries will be readily available


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Apple Lens Production to be Powered by Renewable Energy

August 17 2016 , Written by Ellis Gama

​A new a new lens technology have been announced by Apple as one of its major supplier will be supplying all of it by 2018. This lends technology is of a glass production that will be run 100% from renewable energy.

Furthermore, Apple which is located in Cupertino California is announced all of its 14 is only sites to be compliant with zero waste. The stand had already started from early 2015 where Apple wants their products to be certified reusable, recyclable, composted, and green. Apple has brought up the fact that almost hundred 50,000 metrics tons of garbage have been saved from being in landfills.

Apple wants to show the entire planet that they want to be manufacturing products responsibly and working along closely with suppliers to go green.

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Tips on Saving on Electricity Bill

May 12 2016 , Written by Ellis Gama

Walkway/Running/Bike path that is lighted up

Walkway/Running/Bike path that is lighted up

Utilizing lighting from solar will reduce your reliance upon power from the grid, decreasing your payments. You will be able to create your individual impartial source of photo voltaic electricity energy. With this particular, you might have almost nothing to rely on but your self for the lights. This will provide you with fantastic dependability and protection that few other sources of lights can offer you you or match.

There are many important aspects of residential solar panels that an individual must understand.

This is basically the most effective way of spending less simply because you are utilizing a free of charge power source through the sunlight. With hardly any changes to your house, it may give you power with a very low charge. The start-up expense of setting up solar powered energy panels is quite pricey but over time it can make your money-back. You might use solar energy light-weight pipes for daylighting or include available skylights towards the roof structure to let natural light can be found in. You will be strengthening your homes with solar powered energy solar panels and contains the possibility of preserved energy that can be sold back to the market.

Recycle your Hardware

Remember don't throw away your computer, you can recycle some of that hardware.

A little Tip

Electronic devices could eat power when they are connected even if they are not being used. Precisely what is intriguing is the fact studies show that more than 3 / 4 of energy is shed from this hungry electronic products connected to the electric powered electrical-sockets. Never forget to disconnect your products to help reduce cost.


Getting skylights may help minimize the expense of your regular monthly electric bill as well as your room is going to be significantly better with all-natural lighting effects. When the solar cell items happen to be inserted, they are doing not need a massive level of servicing. There isn't that many elements that are required to get replaced, so the possibility of failure is minimum.

Cover source - Renewable lighting of Walkway/Running/Bike path during nightime provides better saftey as lights will always be powered.


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Dance/ Dancer Exercise

May 11 2016 , Written by Ellis Gama

Dancing and Recycle
Dancing and Recycle

I love dancing as it is the best form of exercise for me. "Theatrical dancing, also referred to as performance or concert dance, intended mainly just like a spectacle, frequently a performance upon a stage by virtuo-so entertainers."

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