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China booming in Solar Panels installation

March 13 2017 , Written by Ellis Gama

The boom of using the Sun as a source of energy has increased dramatically in China and the United States. The abundance of solar panels being installed worldwide has soared very high and particular in those two countries by up to 50% from the year before....

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Solar power is in FACT very Beneficial

November 15 2016 , Written by Ellis Gama

The fact that every living thing relies on the sunlight for different purposes. It is one of the most crucial element on the planet is without it we would not be here today. It is vital to discover, exactly what is solar power? Basically it’s power that...

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Apple Lens Production to be Powered by Renewable Energy

August 17 2016 , Written by Ellis Gama

​A new a new lens technology have been announced by Apple as one of its major supplier will be supplying all of it by 2018. This lends technology is of a glass production that will be run 100% from renewable energy. Furthermore, Apple which is located...

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Tips on Saving on Electricity Bill

May 12 2016 , Written by Ellis Gama

Walkway/Running/Bike path that is lighted up Utilizing lighting from solar will reduce your reliance upon power from the grid, decreasing your payments. You will be able to create your individual impartial source of photo voltaic electricity energy. With...

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Dance/ Dancer Exercise

May 11 2016 , Written by Ellis Gama

I love dancing as it is the best form of exercise for me. "Theatrical dancing, also referred to as performance or concert dance, intended mainly just like a spectacle, frequently a performance upon a stage by virtuo-so entertainers."

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